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Quick Fixes for your Tanning Bed

IF YOU JUST BOUGHT A COMMERCIAL TANNING BED FROM A SALON AND IT WILL NOT WORK:   I have the solution for you!  You need to make the bed think there rj22 remote timer adapteris a "remote timer" hooked up to it like at the salon.

To do this, you install a "Remote Timer Adapter" in the phone type jacks in the back of the bed.    This will close the switch and allow the bed to energize.   This adapter fits most newer models with digital timers like ETS, Sun Ergoline, and Tropical Rayz to name a few. 

If you bought a SunStar, StarPower, or Sunvision, you will need one of these adapters to make this bed work as a stand alone unit.  We sell this RJ22 style jumper shown here for only $30 plus $5.35 priority shipping and handling cost.  Call 800-667-9189 to order today.

Remote Timer Bypass Plug

If you own an older model Sonnebraune, Ultra Sun, or Pure Tan tanning bed you may have a "black circle" at the bottom end of the rear of your bed with several female pins.  These adapters can were used by Sunvision tanning beds from the late 90's and can be helpful in troubleshooting as well. 
tanning bed remote timer bypass adapter
There was once a remote timing plug attached to this female receptacle which told the bed when the timer was set at the front desk and the bed was allowed to energize. We sell this specially made "adapter" or "bypass plug" which will make the tanning bed think the timer is energized at the front desk.

Please take a look at the back of the bed and decide which of these adapters you require then call us at 800-667-9189 .  These home tanning bed remote timer bypass plugs will be sent to you via 2-3 day delivery so you can be tanning in a few days.   We sell this Remote Timer Bypass Plug shown here for only $40 which includes free priority shipping and handling cost.

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